Prior Lake Athletics for Youth

2020-21 Fall/Winter Coaching Application



Welcome to the 2020-21 Fall/Winter Coaching Application with P.L.A.Y. Sports.
* Make sure you REGISTER here if you want to coach this Fall or Winter.  Even if you stated you wanted to coach on the Player Registration. This Application is the Official registration for coaching.

"The date, time, and location will be announced soon"
This I.M.P.A.C.T. Meeting will fulfill the Traveling Coach requirement for  Positive Coaching. In-House Coaches are recommended to attend as in 2019 it will be required training for IH Coaches 2nd-8th grades.

* Concussion Quiz
* Background Check
* PCA Training
* Abuse Training

NOT EVERYONE MAY GET THE OPPORTUNITY TO COACH THE TEAM THEY WANT. ( though you would always be matched up with your son/daughter on your team)
    * Also, Just because you completed all the Coaching Requirements - that does not guarantee any placement for coaching. Please email the Director of your sport to inquire on Coaches Selection if you have questions.

* Also check to make sure your Background Check  (every three years) is up to date and that your Certificate of Concussion Compliance (every two years) is up to date.

* Without these you will not be able to coach or participate in tournament play.

** ALSO BE SURE TO ATTEND A POSITIVE COACHING ( I.M.P.A.C.T.) MEETINGS AND YOUR SPORT COACH MEETINGS   to meet those requirements beginning in 2020.

You may also need to do an interview depending on the sport and level of need of that sport. Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately. 

Please Direct Questions to the Director level or Coordinator of the sport you want to coach.